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Welcome to the Gunimaa Collection. Gunimaa means Mother Earth in Gamilaroi Ularoi language.

Gunimaa is a mixed medium body of work, including acrylic, oil, crayon, ceramics, plaster, modelling paste, digital art, photography and videography.

The Gunimaa Collection is a visual representation of my experience with Country. I describe my art as the movement, essence and stories of Country, this collection is exactly that.

Gunimaa is a very special collection of artworks that I feel strongly connected to, I hope through reading the artwork descriptions that you gain a deeper understanding of this too.

Untitled_Artwork 25.png

Gunimaa paper and canvas prints

All original artworks in the Gunimaa Collection are available as open edition paper and canvas prints. Each artwork has been professionally scanned and printed on museum quality archival paper and canvas. All prints are proudly printed and framed on Gadigal Country. 

Explore each artwork

Gunimaa 01

Gunimaa 01 is inspired by the patterns created on Country from water drying. I have created my own interpretation of this by mimicking it with texture, line work and different brush techniques. Diluted paint creates a layered and dimensional effect. This artwork was such a fun and freeing process to experiment with different mediums and applications.


Gunimaa 02

Dhinawan (emu) is my totem passed down through the Ularoi yinarr on my Guni (mother’s) side of my dhiyaan (family). Whenever I’m on Ularoi Country I always see dhinawan feet in the sand. Mum and I always see a dhinawan in between Coonamble and Walgett welcoming us on to Gamilaroi Country.

It reminds me of all the yinarr in my family, especially my Grandmothers, they are always protecting and guiding us. Gunimaa 02 is dedicated to the connection I have with my totem and the yinarr in my dhiyaan (family).


Gunimaa 03

I love creating sand art on Country. Meeting places are something I always draw in the sand, which is what I’ve centrally represented in this artwork. Gunimaa 03 reminds me to always connect with Country to create. The colour palette used for this artwork is super calming, reminiscent of the feeling I have when on Country.


Gunimaa 04

My Uncle Jason showed Mum and I the areas along the Narran river where our people traditionally camped. There are many patches along the river that you can clearly see where each camp is. This artwork depicts this. You can see the cream meeting places along the river in this artwork, the lines symbolise water flowing and us travelling along the river. The top left blue area represents Dhirawaa (Narran Lakes).


Gunimaa 05

Full of texture, Gunimaa 05 gives a realistic sense and feel of Country. It is a small yet meaningful artwork, with satin shades of brown symbolising water flowing across Gunimaa. Elements of Country are featured throughout the artwork, as they assist us in everyday life and promote our wellbeing.

Gunimaa 06, 07, 08

I have always had an interest in creating with clay. I find working with clay such an enjoyable experience and love sculpting with the material. For this collection, I knew I wanted to include ceramics. I created three gulamons (coolamons) with dhinawan tracks either sculpted into the clay or applied directly.


I would like to acknowledge and especially thank Rainey King and Uncle Sooty Welsh for sharing their knowledge with me and their space on Wailwan Country. A big thank you to Rainey for firing and glazing these ceramics for me, I am forever appreciative.

Gunimaa 09, 10, 11, 12

Gunimaa 09, 10, 11, 12 are the perfect statement pieces to bring the essence of Country into your space. All four photographs show how patterns and elements inspire and influence my art.


Thank you for viewing the
Gunimaa Collection

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