Material: HELIXx® Eclipse Canvas - 320gsm

Canvas Options: Stretched or Unstretched. Unstretched canvas comes with a 6cm boarder

Year: 2021

© 2021, Lakkari Pitt



Galuma-li, which means To Care For in Gamilaroi



This artwork is dedicated to our aunties. When I think about the impact our aunties have in our lives, I think about their love, support and the comfort they provide. I grew up fortunate to have so many aunties around me that have nurtured my growth both culturally and emotionally. It is their guidance and advice which have shaped me into the strong yinarr I am becoming.


This artwork is dedicated to the aunties we have in our life, and celebrates the connection we have with them. The female figures and intricate lines throughout the artwork symbolise their guidance, feminine energy and female kin.


Aunties Galuma-li us.


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