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Yinarr means woman in Gamilaroi language. The Yinarr collection celebrates the strong, beautiful, resilient and caring females in our life. Yinarr was directly inspired by my beautiful Guni, Merindah.

The 8 piece collection tells a story, which begins with Warranggal. This artwork pays tribute to our female Elders, the yinarr who sacrificed so much for us to be proud of our culture. I then honour our Baagii and Maamaa (grandmothers), the matriarchs of our families. I have then included two special artworks in Yinarr which are dedicated to my Guni and Dhagaan. Yinarr then celebrates our Walgan (aunties), then our female Wambanhiiya (cousins) & female Maliyaa (friends).

The line work featured throughout the Yinarr collection, reflects our female kin and pays homage to their feminine energy. These lines symbolise their guidance, strength, pride and resilience.

This collection started off as a small idea of mine and has been a long time in the making. I hope Yinarr takes you on a journey and you love the artworks and the meanings behind them!!

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Resilience is a word that comes to mind when I think about the strength of our Elders, especially our Baagii, Maamaa (grandmothers) and the yinarr who have come before us. This artwork symbolises the matriarchs of our families.


It is a contemporary representation of the Aboriginal yinarr who were alive during extreme hardships. This artwork celebrates their strength and determination to share culture, language and traditions.


The line work featured on Warranggal is used throughout the Yinarr collection, representing the connection we have to our female kin. In Warranggal, this line work specially represents strength and pride.

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This artwork was specially created for my Baagii and Maamaa, Barbara Kennedy and Margaret Pitt (Nee Walford).


Featured throughout are dhinawan (emu) prints which are extremely significant to my Baagii’s family as it is the totem passed down through the yinarr kin in my Baagii's dhiiyaan (family).


Symbolised throughout this artwork are burst connections my Maamaa and Baagii have passed down to me. It symbolises the significance and influence they have on the future yinarr and miyay in our family.

The original Baagii and Maamaa painting is not for purchase. Paper prints are available.

Dedicated to the love of my life, my Guni, Merindah. Merindah means beautiful woman and her name is a testament to her beautiful nature and character. My Guni is the most caring, selfless, beautiful, powerful, educated, and resilient yinarr I know. I could never paint, write or express the admiration, love and connection I have with my Guni.


My Guni has taught me to be a strong yinarr. I especially admire her for the way she has raised my Dhagaan and I. Les and I wouldn't be the people we are today without her support, unconditional love and guidance.


This artwork follows my Guni, Dhagaan and I across Country. It is a celebration of us.

The original Guni painting is not for purchase.

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Dedicated to my Dhagaan, Leslie. This painting was the first piece I painted of this exhibition and one of my favourites because of the meaning behind it. I especially included a piece dedicated to my brother as he is one of the most influential male figures in my life. I have always and will continue to admire my Dhagaan for his fun personality, caring nature and his knowledge.


This artwork has a central meeting place with two people sitting at it, symbolising Les and I. It has lines of connection bursting from the centre, which represents our special bond.

The original Dhagaan painting is not for purchase.

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This artwork is dedicated to our aunties. When I think about the impact our aunties have in our lives, I think about their love, support and the comfort they provide. I grew up fortunate to have so many aunties around me that have nurtured my growth both culturally and emotionally. It is their guidance and advice which have shaped me into the strong yinarr I am becoming.


This artwork is dedicated to the aunties we have in our life, and celebrates the connection we have with them. The female figures and intricate lines throughout the artwork symbolise their guidance, feminine energy and female kin.


Aunties Galuma-li us.

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This artwork is dedicated to our female cousins. As little miyay we share our first connections and memories with them. Our female cousins provide us with a support system for life.


The female figures and intricate lines used throughout this artwork symbolise our Wambanhiiya guidance, feminine energy and female kin.

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This painting represents the yinarr and miyay we meet throughout our life.


The artwork features a central meeting place with a burst of connection, representing females coming together to support each other and grow.


Elements of Country are pictured in the artwork, as Country nurtures and helps care for these relationships.

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This artwork pays homage to all artworks and stories curated for the Yinarr collection.


It captures all the yinarr and miyay who have come before and stand beside us today. Our mothers, sisters and yinarr kin. Symbolised centrally are many females gathering together in support of one another.


As seen throughout all of the Yinarr collection, intricate lines are featured in the artwork to symbolise guidance, feminine energy and female kin. Elements of Country, including many large meeting places are pictured throughout to represent different stages in life and how we grow as yinarr.

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