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A commonality we share as yinarr (women) are our unique attributes and qualities. They can be described in many ways, including


Assertive, Nurturing, Intuitive, Confident, Authentic, Wise, Loving, Emotional and Empathic


The above list is no way exhaustive or describes the countless ways yinarr approach our life and impact those around us. This collection is inspired by my unwavering admiration for yinarr. Each symbol and artwork is my way of expressing the above characteristics .

Warranggal means strong and powerful in Gamilaroi language.

Lakkari Art Symbols.png
Lakkari Art Symbols.png
Lakkari Art Symbols.png
Lakkari Art Symbols.png
Lakkari Art Symbols.png
Lakkari Art Symbols.png

Set intentions and gentle reminders daily with our                                          Affirmation Cards

Affirmation Benefits:

  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Overcome self-doubt and negative thinking

  • Cultivate a mindset of abundance and success

  • Enhance resilience and inner strength

  • Manifest your goals and dreams with clarity and purpose

Warranggal Women are...

Loving and Nurturing

The lover is passionate and radiates magnetic energy. She makes decisions that align with self love. Nurturing women have strong inclination towards caring for others. They radiate positive, loving and soft energy.

Confident and Authentic

The confident and authentic woman is undisputedly genuine to her own personality, values and spirit regardless of the pressure to act otherwise. She honours her values, ideals and her actions align.

Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png
Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png


Wise women know exactly where they stand when it comes to dealing with life, people and themselves. She creates what she wants in life and has an entrepreneurial mindset.

Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png


An assertive woman is one who is confident, forceful, proud, strong. She expresses her thoughts, feelings and needs in a clear and respectful manner.

Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png


Intuitive women have the ability to acquire knowledge without conscious reasoning or needing an explanation.

Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png


The emotional woman is one who has dealt with emotional inconsistencies and develops a personality that looks out for perceived threats. Embracing emotional energy can be a powerful tool for success as it allows women to tap into our emotional intelligence.

Lakkari Art Symbols_edited.png
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